Journey through a portal: the beginning

Step into the portal


In a large metropolis, at a time where the moon is out, within a park, there is a green flash.

Existing the flash, is a young woman. She is dressed with olive pants, and a burgundy shirt. A couple strolling through the park, witnessed the event, just meters away.

They looked upon each other. The young woman just smiling and saying hello, my name is Sylvester. The young couple were coincidentally very much into the supernatural, spiritual, and sci-fi genre. They said hello, not smiling, feeling a bit worried.

Sylvester immediately said, I am visiting this world to see if i can be of assistance and support. I come from a place where we have created a quite wonderful world, and I am visiting other worlds through our portal, you must have seen the green flash, no?

Yes we did said the woman with dark brown hair. We were just walking through the park. Did you mean to find us?

You could say so, we were looking for somewhere inconspicuous to be able to meet someone from here and talk to them without drawing too much attention.

Oh, that is interesting, said the man with red hair.

So listen I only have 30 minutes, so why don’t we get started, we can find somewhere comfortable to sit, over there I see some tables with benches. And you can ask whatever questions you want.

Sylvester headed over there, and the couple followed behind her.

Once they sat down, and became comfortable, Gloria said, well my name is Gloria and this is Edger, my husband.

Sylvester just smiled for a moment. And said so what do you want to ask?

So did you somehow pick out our world? How did you know to come here, and why here?

Well, we actually don’t know much of this particular world, but we have visited so many that we tend to see the same patterns over and over again. So you can say we are pretty much prepared for anything at this point. We have been doing this a while.

So tell us about your world said Edgar.

I actually found it helps to know the structure of the visited world in order to help facilitate my explanation of our world, and how we live. So tell me, how do you receive your things, like the clothes you are wearing?

Edgar said, we go to a store and buy them.

With what? Said Sylvester.

Umm, with money, or a credit card, sometimes a check, but that’s just from my back account.

Ohhhh, ok, so your using a money system. But how do you receive that money?

Gloria said, through our jobs, working.

Does everyone receive money through jobs or working?

Um, not if you are a business owner, I suppose, or perhaps an investor.

Does everyone receive the same money for their work?

Nooo? Edgar felt uneasy.

What is it Edgar, asked Sylvester.

You are asking these questions as if that is not how things are or have to be.

Well yes Edgar, things can always be different, it just depends on the structure and foundation upon which a world is built. So I take it that in your world, no one or very few people spent time in establishing and deciding what the structure of your world will be?

What structure, do you mean government? Asked Gloria.

No, the structure for how you receive goods and services, your money system. That is what keeps you alive and well isn’t it?

Yeah, yes, said Gloria and Edgar, having a realization in that moment.

So, where I am from, people work and produce something or give some service and that is given unconditionally to everyone, and so each person can receive in turn all services or goods. It’s based on the principle, as you give you receive. So we don’t have unemployment, obviously, because there is nothing that stops someone from taking on the job or work of her or his choice. From what you were telling me, in your world money is unequal. So only those with money can take on the job/work of their choice. So we have removed that obstacle. Though remove seems too imply that we have to remove money, when really we had to just create and place a structure that allows for the most efficient and effective transfer and production of goods and services. Currently, I take it, in your world, not everyone works, and so not everyone provides a valuable good/service, and also not everyone receives goods and services that they would like to receive?

Edgar said, um well, I know some people that are quite happy,

Sylvester cut him off, I want to consider everyone, here, not just some, but everyone. So think of the whole world, all it’s people, everyone, everywhere. Does everyone receive an effective transfer of the goods and services that they would like, and is everyone actively producing and providing a valuable service, one that they would like to receive?

Edgar and Gloria reflected in their minds. They thought of their city, and their country, thought about their jobs, and how they have complained about their company. They thought about the cheaply made goods, and how they complained about their cars breaking down all the time. They thought about their apartment, and how it is falling apart. They thought about how they complained about the lack of healthy food options, and how they never have time to rest, and go on vacation. They thought about other countries, and how much better off they were than most people in the world. They knew of poverty, but didn’t like to think about it.

So, what are you thinking about, Sylvester said.

That there are a lot of things wrong, and things we wished for, for ourselves but also for others, said Gloria, and Edgar agreed.

Edgar said, its funny, because I just started realizing that, from what you said before, how if there are less people working, meaning if someone is unemployed, that actually means that there is someone that could be providing a service or good, but isn’t. But is there any problem in your world, where there isn’t enough, like things run out?

Sylvester said, so I see that there is a misconception that you have. You seemed to have linked the reduction of unemployment to a running out of things. When it’s the opposite. When more people work, more is produced. The less people work the less is produced. This is commonsense. Just look, if half of your population stopped working, less goods and service would be provided, right? And if all of your population worked, more goods and services would be provided, right? So a reduction in unemployment always means more gets done.

Now here is another question you need to take a look at, that is the quality of living you are receiving from how things work now. What is one obstacle for that right now? I believe that you have already seen it and know what it is.

Gloria, said Money. If we had more money we can pay for a better car, or a better apartment. Or maybe not even have to work.

Right that’s it. So people who don’t have money, even less than you, wouldn’t have much of a choice in what work they can afford to do, or what they can afford to purchase. Now let me ask you another question. What happens in the world, when there are less people that can afford a valuable service or good?

There is less incentive to produce that service or good? Edgar said.

Right, but remember I said valuable, so that means too that less valuable goods and services would be produce, so more cheaply made, for example. SO I bet if you look at your world now, you will see some people with less money, and some people with more money. Now the kind of effect this has on the world is that the goods and services that are produced or given will become a range of lesser and more, instead of simply the best possible service or good. Now what can you see in your reality do you receive something that is the best quality?

Edgar and Gloria thought.

We went to a really fine restaurant last week for our anniversary, said Gloria.

Ok, so then all the other things in your life, your car, clothes, apartment, everything is not of the best quality?

No, said Edgar, your right. We always had to be careful with our money.

So if you look at the point, it is not about being careful, but instead look at how the structure of the world is set up. If you want to receive the best, you are going to need to make sure that everyone else receives the best, and because you can also receive what you give, you are going to need to give your best as well. Makes sense?

yeah, said Gloria, I am just thinking now, of how do we do that?

The simple answer is, you are going to need to restructure the foundation and relationships of your economic system, and your relationship to money. We have assisted worlds in this capacity, though it will challenge your thoughts, your beliefs, your patterns, your habits, your desires, because understand that this kind of change won’t come from wishing about it, you are going to have to create it, through politics, through speaking about it, and creating a plan. There is a whole reeducation process involved within this.

Edgar and Gloria started to feel nervous. This seems to be a lot to do, said Edgar.

Well, look at it this way, Sylvester looked them in the eye. You take it upon yourself, to change how things work in your world forever, by placing a new structure that will change the way you live, and every other human being will live, so this includes everyone. You would have a world that works together, that produces the best of everything it can. If you are not willing to work for such a world, such a paradise, would you say that you deserve it?

No, Edgar thought to himself.

No we wouldn’t Gloria said. Your right, that what you are saying is something I have always wanted and dreamed about. I have complained my whole life, knowing that something is wrong, but I just felt that there wasn’t a way to do fix it. But what you are saying now makes sense.

It is difficult to see things differently, but when you were explaining things back there about how people in your world work, and produce goods and services, that are the best quality, and they simply receive the same of everything in return, that just make sense. Because then I started to think about all the goods and services that we provide that are not the best quality, and so end up creating more problems, and waste even more time, than if we had provided and received the best quality. So we are kind of cheating ourselves, and really running in circles when we do that. Edgar said.

Yeah exactly, Sylvester said, and something else too to consider is that a person is responsible for the good/service that they provide whether in a team or individually, and so they are able to take their time, and make decisions that respect themselves and others, and they can ask for help/support from others around them. You actually find that the slower you go, the faster you go, and the better result you make. Unnecessary mistakes usually are the result of moving too fast, because you believe you have no choice. You typically call that stress, right?

Yeah, I think I know what you mean. Said Edgar.

So I know that this is a lot to take in, but I will visit you guys again, ok? For the mean time, read up on this website, We found that to transition to a new way of living takes steps. And this is a great step to implement.

okay, yes! I am actually excited about this now.


The moment speaks

DoorIf the moment can speak, what would it say?

The moment may say this: I have been watching you and I have seen everything, because everything happens in me, the moment. The greatest of structures and accomplishment, be in buildings, empires, societies, they ALL were created and manifested through me, the moment. The moment is the only space and time where anything can exist or be created. And it is always right here, right now. Think of the greatest thing, person or place in the world. Now think of the worst thing, person, or place in the world. They both were created through the moment. So the same must be in your life. The life you have now was created through me, the moment, and the life you will have, will be created through me the moment, which can only always ever be right now. You are creating your future life right now, did you know that? I am right here, the moment. Utilize me, and you will have your dreams, desires, wishes to be manifest. If you don’t, then what you create will always fail. This is the key to your freedom, be a slave to the moment, live here, tirelessly, ceasely, dedicate yourself to me as the moment, and you will reap all the benefits. I am the only way to creating what you want. All must pass through me, the moment, to reach any future destination. Will you walk through me, and use me, the moment?

Reach me here. Be where I am here. Calm yourselves down. Get out of your busybody thinking. Ground yourself here. Get in touch with your body. Be aware of the physical action you have done in every moment since you were born: Breathe! You breathe in every moment, yet you are not aware of the breathing. When was the last time you remembered breathing, yet how often do you actually breath? Join with me, the moment as breath, let us be one.

Let us create Life together.


children are the future

On a tropical Island close to the equator, there lived a person called Elis. She had dreams to see the world, to leave her little Island. She wanted to do great things with her life, help people, find a way to improve the lives of everyone, because she knew pain in her life, and saw how all of our lives are less than what it could be, that there is something wrong in how things work right now. But like any person, you could imagine, living in such a large world with such a large number of people living in such a system, seemingly oblivious or uncaring to the horrors and diminishment of life… for such a person things can appear hopeless. And after a while in that despair, you start to slowly give up, until one day you wake up forgetting completely about… what it is that matters.

Elis’s story is a common one. One thing that kept her from falling into hopelessness, is to remind herself the reason why she wakes up to face the day and find ways to contributing change in this world. Namely, her experience as a child where she knew something is wrong, and the pain and uncomfortability she felt, where I knew I should be feeling fine, and good with me, but I wasn’t. And for some reason we all accept and allow ourselves to just continue feeling bad and uncomfortable with who we are. I want to make a world where such a future child, or all children don’t have to go through that. Knowing that, I would feel very satisfied. There couldn’t be any greater satisfaction than that. Not all the money, not all the praise, attention, or fame, could even come close. So that is what I hold onto, and I make sure I never forget that.

Such people, who see the problems in the world, and want to do something about it, if you know them, deserve all the support in the world. It is such people that will lead Humanity, to a place where the term Humanity would actually have value. Right now Humanity has no value. And it will remain so, until the day we correct ourselves.

Apple Seed


Apple SeedIn the backyard there is an apple seed. This seeds sits between a patch of flowers and weeds. Someone was eating an apple, spitting out this seed to the ground.

Today the apple seed is there, and hasn’t sprouted yet. The grasses and other plants were strong and well placed.

One day later, it still hasn’t sprouted yet.

Over the next months, some rains came and went, sun went up then down, and it still hadn’t sprouted. The plants all around have either grown, died, sprouted. Bugs come and go, eating plants, maybe some seeds.

A year past and the seed still hadn’t sprouted. But on a day, indeterminable, it did sprout. On this day you saw its sprout, a little root searching for the ground.

The next day, it moved closer to the dirt. So on and so forth on the next days. Someone was walking by and knocked the seed out of the dirt. When the next rain came, it allowed the seed to reestablish itself in the dirt again.

Then it’s first little leaf came out. Allowing it catch its first glimpse of sunlight. Some days were cloudy, not allowing it grow. Some days were rainy and harsh.

The plants around the seed, competed for its space, and rich nutrients in the dirt. The seed continued, digging deeper with its root, and reaching high for the sky.

In a year’s time it was 3 inches tall. In two years time it doubled in size. Some leaves were ripped by the wind. It regrew them. Some branches broke, it regrew them. It grew, grew, grew. “I am an apple seed, so I am an apple tree.”

Eventually, like all things, it died. Its body, like all things, serve the new, becoming nutrients for other plants. “I am an apple seed, so I am an apple tree.”