Passing on Responsibility

So take the following to be true. Human beings have minds that operate as an alive system that brings up thoughts within people. So in this, imagine a couple of people. A man and a woman. For this example you can also imagine, a man and a man, or a woman and a woman. So these two people have a relationship, like we all have a relationship to someone. The nature of this relationship you can decide. But here is the situation:

Both people have given their responsibilities to their mind. But they believe that their partner, the other person, is taking responsibility for them. In other words, they believe that they are giving responsibility to the other person for helping them, when in reality they gave their responsibility to their individual minds. So you have the minds of the two people, these bring up thoughts within them, about what to do, say etc… And you have the people believing that the other person is taking care of them. The only thing that is missing is that each person is not taking responsibility for their individual self.

In this example, what will happen, would you say?

I want you to gather all of your knowledge and history of every single relationship that has ever existed. This includes fictional relationships in movies, stories, books, as well as real life experiences. This can include your relationships to parents, friends, teachers, coworkers, bosses, everyone. So what happens when you give responsibility for who you are to another person?

So what is your answer? My answer is that you cannot function, that you feel lost/separated, and you lack direction.

Now imagine the same situation, but you are alone. So you have given your responsibility to a part of yourself, the mind. What happens?

My answer is the same thing. That you cannot function, that you feel lost/separated, and you don’t have direction.

Sooooo, now imagine you have both happening at the same time. You have given responsibility to your mind, and you seek someone else to take responsibility for you, and you seek to take responsibility for someone else. So your focus is on taking responsibility for other people. So your ideal partner would be someone that is not taking responsibility for him/herself. This reveals then an important lesson, that the people we hold relations with reveal the kind of person we are.

Do you think that a person in this kind of situation would ever step out of it, and take responsibility for their individual self?

Have you met these kind of people?

Are you one of these people?

Are you someone that passes your responsibility to something or someone else?