The Practical Side to Life

Really?Oh My GoD!       What am I going to do?      This is horrible!      This is a disaster!      There isn’t anything I can do!      I’m screwed!!!    Nooooooo!

… OR….

Ok, what do I need to do? How do I overcome this new obstacle? What will I need to do to bring about my goals and desires? What are the steps I need to take?


What do you notice is different about the above ways of responding? When I look at the two ways of responding, I see that the first group is filled with statements, whereas the second group is filled with questions. Secondly, the first group is emotional in substance, compared to the second group that is not emotional, but clear and practical. You can tell that someone acting within the first group of statements won’t be very effective or reliable in getting a job done, and you would surely trust someone who acts within the second group. So the question is… well… the questions leads you to the answer.