??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Imagine you are on the ocean, in a ship. You are the navigator. You are going to need to decide where the ship goes. The ship is you, the ocean is you, however you have no map. You have no destination. You don’t know where your destination will be.

You have thoughts, beliefs, desires dreams, and fears. These aspects form your map. You need a map to navigate your life. Do you have a map currently? You can’t sail the ocean without knowing where you are going, without a map. The only way to navigate your life, is to have a map.

How do I create a map? I need to map where I have been. I need to map my thoughts and beliefs. I need to map myself. By only mapping myself out on paper, will I have the map, the knowledge with which I can navigate my life to its destination. There is a final destination, but what that is, I cannot know, but I won’t being able to sail as effectively as I could, if I don’t have a map.

If I have a map to navigate, knowing my faults, and strengths, my secrets, then I can sail well. If I don’t then when a storm hits, I will have a rough ride. I must keep sailing, heading to my destination, and I must continuously form my map. I must do both, keep sailing, and making this map. The map is essential, without it, reaching my destination is unlikely. Having a goal of where I want to be, isn’t enough. I need the way to navigate. And my destination may, change, but having a map of the area, allows me to plot a course. Without a map my ship might as well be dead in the water.

How do I form my map, through keeping a record by writing. Recording myself, personalities, faults, secrets, dangers, weaknesses, strengths. By learning who I am, the real me. These things I act as everyday. The things I am not proud of. The things I fear, and desire. What makes me me? Where do my thoughts come from? The actual moments where personalities of mine were formed.

This map that is me will be my life savior. I will use it to navigate the oceans, and reach my final destination, wherever it may be.


The Practical Side to Life

Really?Oh My GoD!       What am I going to do?      This is horrible!      This is a disaster!      There isn’t anything I can do!      I’m screwed!!!    Nooooooo!

… OR….

Ok, what do I need to do? How do I overcome this new obstacle? What will I need to do to bring about my goals and desires? What are the steps I need to take?


What do you notice is different about the above ways of responding? When I look at the two ways of responding, I see that the first group is filled with statements, whereas the second group is filled with questions. Secondly, the first group is emotional in substance, compared to the second group that is not emotional, but clear and practical. You can tell that someone acting within the first group of statements won’t be very effective or reliable in getting a job done, and you would surely trust someone who acts within the second group. So the question is… well… the questions leads you to the answer.


The moment speaks

DoorIf the moment can speak, what would it say?

The moment may say this: I have been watching you and I have seen everything, because everything happens in me, the moment. The greatest of structures and accomplishment, be in buildings, empires, societies, they ALL were created and manifested through me, the moment. The moment is the only space and time where anything can exist or be created. And it is always right here, right now. Think of the greatest thing, person or place in the world. Now think of the worst thing, person, or place in the world. They both were created through the moment. So the same must be in your life. The life you have now was created through me, the moment, and the life you will have, will be created through me the moment, which can only always ever be right now. You are creating your future life right now, did you know that? I am right here, the moment. Utilize me, and you will have your dreams, desires, wishes to be manifest. If you don’t, then what you create will always fail. This is the key to your freedom, be a slave to the moment, live here, tirelessly, ceasely, dedicate yourself to me as the moment, and you will reap all the benefits. I am the only way to creating what you want. All must pass through me, the moment, to reach any future destination. Will you walk through me, and use me, the moment?

Reach me here. Be where I am here. Calm yourselves down. Get out of your busybody thinking. Ground yourself here. Get in touch with your body. Be aware of the physical action you have done in every moment since you were born: Breathe! You breathe in every moment, yet you are not aware of the breathing. When was the last time you remembered breathing, yet how often do you actually breath? Join with me, the moment as breath, let us be one.

Let us create Life together.

Creating Choice


Brian was sitting in bed. He had graduated with a bachelors degree from Psychology 2 years ago. He was still living with his parents, which he didn’t mind. He had been investigating himself, and expanding his capabilities in ways he wouldn’t and couldn’t imagine before.

About 4 years ago he had a phone conversation with an older woman that he looked up to. Within talking about his future with her, she advised that he become a medical doctor. The thought of that scared Brian to his core, and he isn’t afraid to admit to anyone now, that he cried in that moment, from fear. The stress and duress that going to medical school, and on top of that, not really believing he could keep up with the material, yet this person whom he looked up to, believed he could. He knew that he was afraid of not fulfilling other people’s expectations of him. Everyone always saw him as so smart and capable, and not being able to do something, especially a pursuit of the mind, would have been a blow to his ego.

So Brian was sitting. He realized the moment he was sitting in, came quite naturally to him. Ironically enough, not natural in the natural sense, meaning easy, fluently. No, but as you would expect, which in reality in involved hard work, patience, perseverance, and a challenging of himself to the  very core of his being. From such actions/behaviors you would expect something to result, eh? So it did.

Brian knows that he has an obligation with his new found power. That there is a greater purpose for him to serve by applying that power in the way that fit his environment, and that result in what he knows is something spectacular in the eyes of many, but simply attainable in his own eyes. He knows now that what he achieves, what he has, and how people respond to him, do not define him, or make him more or greater. That is/was his Ego. May it forever rest in peace. He knows though that his Ego may come back from the dead, so he has to be cautious and alert at all times.

In moments without ego, one thing is clear to Brian. Tough choices are no longer tough, they are straightforward. And things actually fall into place, and what is right in front of your nose, reveals itself, like magic. So that’s something Brian learned, and would like to share. Because now pursuing his psychology degree by becoming a doctor, seems like an obvious choice now. And now he understands why some choices seem so tough. Because really its just the emotions and feelings behind them, which for Brian, it had to do with his ego.