Day 330: Hidden Anxiety

Carlton's 7 Year Journey to Life

hidden-anxietyFor some time now I have been experiencing this movement, coming up within my solar plexus that I couldn’t describe, wherever a situation would arise, or whenever something would be coming up that I had to take care of and/or do. Now this movement, was sort of a shaky vibration and Harding of my stomach at time, almost like a nervous type feeling but why, because this would be just another normal situation and/or something that I have handled before and it’s now time for me to handle it again, I mean it wouldn’t necessarily be a problematic situation or anything as such, but just another normal thing I had to do, but sure enough, each time these things would come up for me to handle, this subtle shakiness would be there as well, whenever I thought about what I had to do.

After investigating more on what it was…

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