door ajar open

Unknown   Surprise    Unexpected   Different   Not meeting expectations    Going against the grain     Innovator    Rebel



Why do you fear me? Because I wasn’t predicted? Expected?

News flash, you don’t know everything. How boring would that be? Everything is known, predictable, fixed, set…

Does your reaction to me, indicate something? Were you really here? Because I was… the thing you didn’t predict, expect… the unknown, yet known in the moment. The exception to the rule.

I go against the grain, I am different than the normal, everyday moment. Yet equally here, real. Why do you react to me? Because… why?

Why do you curse me, hate me, or perhaps praise me? If I save your life, I am a “miracle.” If I ruin your day, I am “bad luck.” Really?

Who’s really the devil/god in this situation? Me or you?

I, the unknown.



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