The moment speaks

DoorIf the moment can speak, what would it say?

The moment may say this: I have been watching you and I have seen everything, because everything happens in me, the moment. The greatest of structures and accomplishment, be in buildings, empires, societies, they ALL were created and manifested through me, the moment. The moment is the only space and time where anything can exist or be created. And it is always right here, right now. Think of the greatest thing, person or place in the world. Now think of the worst thing, person, or place in the world. They both were created through the moment. So the same must be in your life. The life you have now was created through me, the moment, and the life you will have, will be created through me the moment, which can only always ever be right now. You are creating your future life right now, did you know that? I am right here, the moment. Utilize me, and you will have your dreams, desires, wishes to be manifest. If you don’t, then what you create will always fail. This is the key to your freedom, be a slave to the moment, live here, tirelessly, ceasely, dedicate yourself to me as the moment, and you will reap all the benefits. I am the only way to creating what you want. All must pass through me, the moment, to reach any future destination. Will you walk through me, and use me, the moment?

Reach me here. Be where I am here. Calm yourselves down. Get out of your busybody thinking. Ground yourself here. Get in touch with your body. Be aware of the physical action you have done in every moment since you were born: Breathe! You breathe in every moment, yet you are not aware of the breathing. When was the last time you remembered breathing, yet how often do you actually breath? Join with me, the moment as breath, let us be one.

Let us create Life together.


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