children are the future

On a tropical Island close to the equator, there lived a person called Elis. She had dreams to see the world, to leave her little Island. She wanted to do great things with her life, help people, find a way to improve the lives of everyone, because she knew pain in her life, and saw how all of our lives are less than what it could be, that there is something wrong in how things work right now. But like any person, you could imagine, living in such a large world with such a large number of people living in such a system, seemingly oblivious or uncaring to the horrors and diminishment of life… for such a person things can appear hopeless. And after a while in that despair, you start to slowly give up, until one day you wake up forgetting completely about… what it is that matters.

Elis’s story is a common one. One thing that kept her from falling into hopelessness, is to remind herself the reason why she wakes up to face the day and find ways to contributing change in this world. Namely, her experience as a child where she knew something is wrong, and the pain and uncomfortability she felt, where I knew I should be feeling fine, and good with me, but I wasn’t. And for some reason we all accept and allow ourselves to just continue feeling bad and uncomfortable with who we are. I want to make a world where such a future child, or all children don’t have to go through that. Knowing that, I would feel very satisfied. There couldn’t be any greater satisfaction than that. Not all the money, not all the praise, attention, or fame, could even come close. So that is what I hold onto, and I make sure I never forget that.

Such people, who see the problems in the world, and want to do something about it, if you know them, deserve all the support in the world. It is such people that will lead Humanity, to a place where the term Humanity would actually have value. Right now Humanity has no value. And it will remain so, until the day we correct ourselves.


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