Apple Seed


Apple SeedIn the backyard there is an apple seed. This seeds sits between a patch of flowers and weeds. Someone was eating an apple, spitting out this seed to the ground.

Today the apple seed is there, and hasn’t sprouted yet. The grasses and other plants were strong and well placed.

One day later, it still hasn’t sprouted yet.

Over the next months, some rains came and went, sun went up then down, and it still hadn’t sprouted. The plants all around have either grown, died, sprouted. Bugs come and go, eating plants, maybe some seeds.

A year past and the seed still hadn’t sprouted. But on a day, indeterminable, it did sprout. On this day you saw its sprout, a little root searching for the ground.

The next day, it moved closer to the dirt. So on and so forth on the next days. Someone was walking by and knocked the seed out of the dirt. When the next rain came, it allowed the seed to reestablish itself in the dirt again.

Then it’s first little leaf came out. Allowing it catch its first glimpse of sunlight. Some days were cloudy, not allowing it grow. Some days were rainy and harsh.

The plants around the seed, competed for its space, and rich nutrients in the dirt. The seed continued, digging deeper with its root, and reaching high for the sky.

In a year’s time it was 3 inches tall. In two years time it doubled in size. Some leaves were ripped by the wind. It regrew them. Some branches broke, it regrew them. It grew, grew, grew. “I am an apple seed, so I am an apple tree.”

Eventually, like all things, it died. Its body, like all things, serve the new, becoming nutrients for other plants. “I am an apple seed, so I am an apple tree.”



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