Creating Choice


Brian was sitting in bed. He had graduated with a bachelors degree from Psychology 2 years ago. He was still living with his parents, which he didn’t mind. He had been investigating himself, and expanding his capabilities in ways he wouldn’t and couldn’t imagine before.

About 4 years ago he had a phone conversation with an older woman that he looked up to. Within talking about his future with her, she advised that he become a medical doctor. The thought of that scared Brian to his core, and he isn’t afraid to admit to anyone now, that he cried in that moment, from fear. The stress and duress that going to medical school, and on top of that, not really believing he could keep up with the material, yet this person whom he looked up to, believed he could. He knew that he was afraid of not fulfilling other people’s expectations of him. Everyone always saw him as so smart and capable, and not being able to do something, especially a pursuit of the mind, would have been a blow to his ego.

So Brian was sitting. He realized the moment he was sitting in, came quite naturally to him. Ironically enough, not natural in the natural sense, meaning easy, fluently. No, but as you would expect, which in reality in involved hard work, patience, perseverance, and a challenging of himself to the  very core of his being. From such actions/behaviors you would expect something to result, eh? So it did.

Brian knows that he has an obligation with his new found power. That there is a greater purpose for him to serve by applying that power in the way that fit his environment, and that result in what he knows is something spectacular in the eyes of many, but simply attainable in his own eyes. He knows now that what he achieves, what he has, and how people respond to him, do not define him, or make him more or greater. That is/was his Ego. May it forever rest in peace. He knows though that his Ego may come back from the dead, so he has to be cautious and alert at all times.

In moments without ego, one thing is clear to Brian. Tough choices are no longer tough, they are straightforward. And things actually fall into place, and what is right in front of your nose, reveals itself, like magic. So that’s something Brian learned, and would like to share. Because now pursuing his psychology degree by becoming a doctor, seems like an obvious choice now. And now he understands why some choices seem so tough. Because really its just the emotions and feelings behind them, which for Brian, it had to do with his ego.


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