“What makes me a better person”


2013-12-Black-Background-8I opened my eyes. It was dark. I didn’t know where I was. It was like infinite void, emptiness, nothingness, darkness in all directions. A man appeared. He looked, odd, unusual, and embodying power. He spoke sweetly to me “so it seems you have another chance, but this is your last one.” I stared at him in silence. I thought are you real, is this a dream? No this isn’t a dream, he replied. Well it must be a dream because how can you hear what I am thinking? He said to me that here, thoughts and spoken words are one, they are not separated. Where is here? I said. “You have a choice to make, so you can say that is here, and this regards your future.”

Ok. This whole situation seemed as real to me as anything. Perhaps this is what dreams and this reality have in common. So what are my choices?

You can have a life with the following.

  1. A woman by your side.
  2. A PHD, with a 6-figure career.
  3. A fully furnished home.
  4. Friends that adore you.
  5. Family members that adore you.
  6. Wealth
  7. Fame


Or, you can have the answers/knowledge of who you are, and I will guide you on how to achieve that to the best of my abilities.

What does that even mean? I said. Achieve what? What will you help me with? And do you really mean I receive all of these things, or do I pick just one of the seven?

Yes, you have only 2 choices, a life with the things above, or with this second option about who you are.

How much time do I have to decide? I asked.

Not long, you should choose as quickly as possible. He replied.

A moment passed in silence.

I asked, How did you know I wanted these things?

He only stared at me in silence.

He asked me what my choice is.

Within myself I found something interesting. I was curious, and I wouldn’t call it morality, but I just knew I had to.

“what makes me a better person” I said to myself.

Explain yourself, he said.

I said: That is how I feel with each of these 7 things. I feel better as a person, or believe I a better somehow, as who I am. And that is why you asked me the second question, or option, which is about who I am.

Very good, he said.

I said: and you can’t give me something that I already have, and simply need to give myself, the answer. These things don’t make me a better person, but I accepted and allowed myself to live the lie that they do.

Well, enjoy your life! He said to me.

Thanks, I said.


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